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I’m a Front-End Web Developer based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and I’ve been building web sites and assorted digital media components for the last 17 years. My primary focus has been clientele in the pharmaceutical, vehicle-rental and fashion industries, and I’ve also built sites for non-profits and small businesses in the private-sector. If you require assistance with a web site, blog, social media presence, email campaign or graphics let me know, I may be the droid you’re looking for!

In 1993 I earned two Bachelors of Science degrees in Biology and Marine Science. After graduating I discovered how scarce jobs in Marine Biology are, so in 1998, following the recommendation of a friend and former undergraduate colleague, I began researching web technology, eventually learning HTML, CSS, layout and design. The digital frontier was opened before me. The age of the internet had arrived, and I wanted to be part of building the future.

My experience spans the full web site development life-cycle, and the speedy evolution of web technology is a source of constant amazement and wonder. I witnessed the transition from external-modem dial-up and bulletin-board-systems to the mobile web and ultra-band connectivity, and the frontier continues to expand with exciting new ideas and endeavors. The internet has become an extension of our collective thoughts, actions and ideas, and barring cataclysm, it’s here to stay.

Mobile sites, built by Daryl McCormick

Experience Matters

Education & Employment History

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science (x2), December 1993
Dual Major: Biology, Marine Science

What's In An Education?

How does one earn Marine Biology degrees in the Poconos, far from the actual ocean? East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, of course! Earning science degrees prepared me for the triumphs, defeats and absurdity of life and career, and I wouldn’t trade anything for my experiences at ESU.

Exchange Student, Spring 1993

Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, England (UK)
General Credits

A Semester Abroad

My final year of college featured a semester as an exchange student in Leeds, England. My course-load was light, consisting only of general education credits, which helped make this learning experience more about living than academics. The value of spending time in another country cannot be understated, and I crammed a life-time of outrageous, awesome memories into five and a half months. Cheers!

Business Edge Services & Technologies

Washington, NJ
Front-End Developer
9/2013 – 1/2016


Armada Healthcare, Condé Nast, Monkey N Middle (Kenneth Cole, Echo Design, Manhattan Beach Wear, Nine West Group), J.Lindeberg, Suburban Seats, Theatre Development Fund

Teneo Media, L.L.C.

Raleigh-Durham, NC (remote)
Front-End Developer
7/2007 – 9/2013


Avis Budget Group, Air Canada

The SPI Group, L.L.C.

Fairfield, NJ
Web Developer
9/2001 – 5/2003 (consultant), 6/2003 – 7/2007 (employee)


Merck, Pfizer

Planet Access Networks / InSage

Flanders, NJ
Web Designer/Builder
12/1999 – 7/2001


Novartis, Reckitt Benckiser, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Cendant

Manifesting The Client’s Vision


The list below contains languages, applications, libraries and frameworks which I have used in the course of my career as a developer. Web technology advances rapidly, and new innovations are made available to developers on a near monthly basis. If all of the one-off, niche and proprietary technologies I’ve used in the past which have since fallen out of favor and faded into history were included here, this list would be huge. Does anyone really miss Front Page? Or the blink tag? How about scrolling-marquee Java applets? JavaScript status-bar shenanigans?! Do you remember Allaire Homesite?

  • HTML/HTML5, CSS1/2/3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, XML
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
  • Bootstrap, jQueryUI
  • Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013
  • Sublime, Notepad++, Komodo Edit, NuSphere PhpEd and other text-editors
  • Chrome, Firefox, IE7-11/Edge, Opera, Safari, iOS Safari
  • MS Office, Visio
  • Axure and Balsamiq
  • IIS7.0, SQL Server Manager 2008, 2014
  • cPanel, Plesk Server Administrator
  • phpMyAdmin, MySQL
  • Node.js (for Gulp and Grunt workflows)
  • JIRA (Agile workflow software), Asana
  • Araxis Merge, Beyond Compare (and numerous FTP clients)
  • Git (BitBucket, Sourcetree), Tortoise SVN
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Development Tasks

Metronic 2.0 Administrative Dashboard

In addition to full-site builds, I also have experience implementing site enhancements, site maintenance and content production.

  • Dashboard Features
  • High-quality Photos
  • Site & Application Re-skins
  • Sliders, Carousels, Modals
  • Social Media
  • Video Content
  • SEO
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Here are a few public-facing examples of my work from the last four years. In the life-span of an average internet presence, that makes one of these sites relatively “ancient” (to be fair, it was ancient when I first got my hands on it). For each site mentioned here, there are additional B2B (fashion retailer and wholesaler) and B2C (pharmaceutical) sites I constructed which are unavailable public viewing.


www.mantisdesign.com – 100% custom site build, using illustrative design, with SEO work (ranks #1 in Google for organic search results using “mantis design” keywords)


www.extremebrushclearing.com – responsive site redesign and full rebranding effort


www.rbnainfo.com – .jsp site redesign using responsive template with extensive customization and modification


www.jlindebergusa.com – integrated theme with custom home page into existing e-commerce site


www.motoroilmatters.org – implemented site redesign and integrated with Sitecore CMS


www.tdf.org – completed initial build of the site, responsive development, maintenance, CMS maintenance and assorted front-end development
www.tdf.org/stages/home – (TDF.org sub-site) built custom responsive templates and nav for this site


www.bristol-consulting.com – adapted a WordPress template to a .NET build


www.suburbanseats.com – integrated theme into existing e-commerce site

Kay's Formal Occasions at GreenwoodTuxedo.com

www.greenwoodtuxedo.com – pro bono work, complete site redesign and responsive overhaul


Many people, businesses, technologies and trends may come and go during a 17-year career in web development. I’ve completed projects for all of the companies whose logos are displayed below.


Here’s a list of the skills and areas I have experience and expertise with, acquired during the course of my career as a web developer.

  • Site design and development (from .psd to functional code)
  • Site prototypes and wireframes
  • Responsive and mobile development
  • Bootstrap/jQueryUI framework implementation
  • Theme development and implementation
  • Browser- and device-compliance development
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress, Interwoven, Kentico, Sitecore)
  • E-commerce development
  • SEO/SEM (content and code optimization, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, URL redirects, etc.)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture/SiteCatalyst)
  • Email campaigns
  • Site and application testing
  • Promotional media (ad banners, animated .gifs, brochure-ware)
  • Multilingual site development (EN, FR, ES, IT, DE, ZH, JP)

What’s Up Front?

HTML5 95%
CSS3 88%
JavaScript 79%
jQuery 81%
Photoshop 93%
Browser Compliance 94%
User Interface 95%
Behold, the Herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer! ©MARVEL

Daryl McCormick

Front-End Developer, technology, science and pop-culture nerd.

Education: B.S. Marine Science, B.S. Biology
Experience: 17 years of web development and counting!



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